Buy VDS Fire Extinguishing Systems Using Non-Liquefied Inert Gases, Planning And Installation from SAI Global. Publishing house: VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH. Amsterdamer Str. .. VdS VdS Guidelines for Fire Extinguishing Systems, Fire Extinguishing Systems . VdS. en. Room protection nozzles. Requirements and test methods. VdS en .. VdS Guidelines for fire extinguishing systems; fire extinguishing.

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The resistance coefficients can be determined by the VdS-laboratories, in case the manufacturer did not already receive them during the VdS approval vds 2380 for the component. VdS calculation software for gas vdw systems.

Programs for the Calculation of SHEVS and Gas Extinguishing Systems

They have to be replaced with data of the specific components you are using. Functional range of vds 2380 programme.

Generally, the flow through the nozzles is also over-critical, so specific models are implemented for the nozzles, too. In the case of deviations please vds 2380 with VdS:. The program features simple data input and contains vds 2380 management device that makes repeated registration of the system components used superfluous.

The industrial fire protection leader

The component data in the example catalogues vds. The following conditions must be met to guarantee for a sufficient precision of the vds 2380 results.

In case a function is available only for certain extinguishing gases, these are stated vds 2380 braces, using the following abbrevations:. Here the general relation Bernoulli between pressure drop and mass flow is no longer valid, so the calculation requires additional care. Smoke compartments are calculated individually. The basis for vvs optimal application of gds fire extinguishing systems are the hydraulic equations combining the technical data of the installation components pipe diameters, resistance coefficients of armatures, etc.

vds 2380

Fire Protection Systems | Development & Manufacturing | WAGNER Group – WAGNER Fire Safety, Inc.

The calculation programmes allow you to calculate gas extinguishing installations of very different construction. From all this results the data necessary for the installation, such as discharge time and pipe diameters.

Below you find vds 2380 overview of the functions of the calculation software. You can modify these parameters anytime and make a recalculation of any system vrs altered parameters, vds 2380.

For the intended purpose of the calculation programs it is implied that the user of the calculation program possess the necessary knowledge vds 2380 gas extinguishing systems and of the state of the art of the vds 2380 of gas extinguishing systems and that the user creates system layouts which represent this knowledge.

The data of the components used armatures, nozzles, pipes are entered in catalogue files.

vs Inert gas vds 2380 systems usually employ restrictor plates behind the manifold, reducing the pressure in the pipe system downstream the restrictor vds 2380 a defined maximum value. Your input of flooding zones, gas storage, and pipe system will be saved in project files which the programme accesses for any calculation.

Programs for the Calculation of SHEVS and Gas Extinguishing Systems

Furthermore, conservation laws and balance equations must be fulfilled. The results can be printed or viewed on screen.

Attention is clearly drawn to deviations from the underlying set of rules. The VdS installation certificate is compiled on the basis of the calculations. Due vds 2380 the necessarily strong pressure reduction a so-called over-critical flow through vds 2380 restrictor appears.