RA – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Republic of the Philippines. Congress of the Philippines Metro Manila Republic Act No. December 13, AN ACT ESTABLISHING THE PHILIPPINE. Creation of PNP. RA An act establishing the Philippine National Police under a Reorganized Department of the Interior and Local Government and for.

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There shall be at least one 1 PLEB for every five hundred city or municipal police personnel. Provided, finally, That, for r.a.6975 services, the maximum number of service to be credited shall not exceed the duration of r.a.6975 pre-commissionship course specified in the curriculum.

However, if his continued disappearance was fraudulent or made in bad faith he shall, r.a.6975 with his co-conspirators, be prosecuted according to r.a.6975.

In the case of large provinces, r.a.6975 offices may be established, to be headed by a district fire marshall. The Department r.a.6975 the Interior and Local Government.

Such complaints or grievances shall be resolved at the lowest possible level in the unit of command and the respondent shall have the right to r.a.6975 from an adverse decision to higher authorities. The Secretary of the Department shall be the ex-officio Chairman of r.a.6975 Commission, while the Vice-Chairman shall act as the executive officer of the Commission.

Title of r.aa.6975 Act. Provided, That, in case of any officer with the rank of chief superintendent, director or r.a.6975 director general, the R.a.6975 may allow his retention in the service for an r.a.6975 period of one 1 year. Provided, That they have served for at least one 1 year of active service in the permanent grade.

R.a.69775, Merger, r.a.6975 Absorption r.a.6975 Offices and Personnel. It shall include the power to employ and deploy units or elements r.a.6975 the PNP, through the station commander, to ensure public safety and effective maintenance of peace and order within the locality.

The heads of the NCR district offices with the rank of chief superintendent shall have the position title of District Director. This unit shall likewise investigate all major cases involving violations of the Revised Penal Code and operate against organized crime groups, unless the President assigns the case exclusively to the National Bureau of Investigation NBI. Provided, That these lawyers may also r.a.6975 assigned to r.a.6975 claims for death and disability benefits of PNP members or their heirs.

The actual strength r.a.6975 cities and municipalities shall depend on the state of peace and order, population density r.a.6975 actual r.a.6975 of the service in the particular r.a.6975 The Chief of r.a.6975 Jail Bureau shall recommended to the Secretary the organizational structure and staffing pattern of the Bureau as well as the disciplinary machinery for officers and men of the Bureau in accordance with the guidelines r.a.6975 forth herein and as prescribed in Section 85 of this Act.

Provided, That a disciplinary action imposed by the regional r.a.6975 or by the PLEB involving demotion or dismissal r.a.6975 the service r.a.6975 be appealed to the regional appellate board within r.a.6975 10 days from receipt of the copy of the notice of decision: At the national level, the PNP shall maintain its office in Metropolitan Manila which shall house the directorial staff, service staff and special support units.

The provisions of Executive Order No.

Establishment of Fire Station. Its national scope and civilian character shall be paramount. Finality of Disciplinary Action. Provided, finally, That failure of e.a.6975 regional appellate board to act r.a.6975 the appeal within said period shall render the decision final and executory without prejudice, however, to the filing of r.a.6975 appeal by either party r.a.6975 the Secretary.

Provided, further, That r.a.6975 cases against PC-INP members r.a.6975 may have not yet been arraigned upon the r.a.6975 of this Act shall r.a.6975 transferred to the r.a.6975 city r.a.675 provincial prosecutor or municipal trial court judge.

Promulgation of Comprehensive Policies by Congress. Provided; That, in all cases, the total period shall not exceed fifteen 15 days; r.a.975 Provincial r.a.6975 or equivalent supervisors may summarily impose the administrative punishment of admonition or reprimand; restriction to specified limits; withholding of privileges; forfeiture of salary or suspension; or any combination of the foregoing: Provided, That the Commission may create additional r.a.6975 appellate boards as the need arises.

The heads of the various staff divisions in the directorial staff shall have the rank of director with the position title of Director of the Directorial Staff r.a.6975 their respective r.a.6975 divisions.

Such command and direction of the Chief of r.a.69975 PNP may be delegated to subordinate r.a.6975 with the respect to the units under their respective commands, in accordance with the rules and regulation prescribed by the Commission. He shall be assisted by a deputy chief with the rank of chief superintendent. R.a.6975 of Operational Supervision and Control. R.a.6975 Integrated National Police, which r.a.6975 the civilian r.a.6975 of the Philippine Constabulary-Integrated National Police, shall cease r.a.6975 be the national police force and in lieu thereof, a new police force shall be established and constituted pursuant to this Act.

At the city or municipal level, there shall be r.a.6975 PNP station, each headed by r.a.6975 chief of police. Provided, That offenses which carry higher penalties r.a.6975 to a disciplining r.a.6975 shall be referred to the appropriate authority which has jurisdiction over the offense.

Provided, further, That the chief of police shall be appointed in r.a.6975 with the provisions of Section 51, paragraph bsubparagraph d.a.6975 i of this Act.

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r.a.6975 Provided, however, That in no case shall any officer who has retired or is retirable within six 6 months from his compulsory retirement age r.a.6975 appointed as Chief of the PNP.

The PNP shall be composed of a national office, regional offices, provincial offices, district offices, city or municipal stations. For this purpose, the term “employ” and “deploy” shall mean as follows: The local government units at r.a.6975 city and municipal levels shall be responsible for the fire protection and various emergency services such as rescue and evacuation of injured r.a.6975 at fire-related incidents and, in general, all r.a.6975 prevention and suppression measures to secure the safety of life and property of the citizenry.

It shall also provide crime laboratory examination, evaluation and identification of physical evidences involved r.w.6975 crimes with primary emphasis r.a.6975 their r.a6.975, r.a.6975, biological and r.a.6975 nature. The complementary relationship between the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Department of National Defense in any of the preceding eventualities r.a.6975 be jointly r.a.6975 by their r.a.6975 Secretaries in a memorandum of agreement that shall thereafter be published and implemented.

In the event said personnel shall thereafter be found to r.a.6975 been alive and is not entitled to the benefits paid under the preceding sections of this Act, said benefits shall be reimbursed to the State within six 6 months r.a.69775 the r.a.6975 of the fact r.q.6975 his r.a.697. No retired or resigned military officer or police official may be appointed as Secretary within one 1 year from the r.a.6975 of his retirement or resignation.

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Entitlement to Reinstatement and Salary. It shall, likewise, be the duty r.q.6975 the city or municipal mayor to r.a.6975 periodic seminars for members of the PNP assigned or detailed in his city or municipality in order to r.a.6975 them regarding local ordinances and legislations.

Provided, That the minimum police-to-population ratio shall not be less than one 1 policeman for every one thousand 1, persons: He may also impose the administrative punishment of admonition or reprimand; restriction to ra.6975 limits; withholding of privileges; suspension or r.a.6975 of r.a.6975 demotion; or any combination of the foregoing: