10 Jun Subrahmanyam Mantras | OFFLINE | HD Audio | Repeat | FREE | HD God image. Subrahmanyam – Hindu god Karthik or Kartikeya, son of Lord. ‘Sri Subrahmanya Bhujangam’ by Sri Aadi Sankarar (in English) (Subramanya Bhujangam is a stotra sung under inspiration by Sri Aadi Sankara at Tiruchendur. Devi Bhujangam By Aadhi Shankara Bhagawat Pada (This a Bhujanga stotram ( written in a meter which resembles crawling of the snake) by Adhi Shankara.

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Always let my mouth sing the praise of Lord Skanda!

Jagad jala medath thwayai Amba srushtam, Thwame vaadhya yaseendriyai artha jalam, Thwam ekaiva karthree, thwam ekaiva bokthri, Na bhujanga stotram in punya pape na may bhanda mokshou. Thwad unmesha leelanu bhandhadhi kaaran, Virinchyadhi kanthwad gunambodhi bindhoon, Bajanthas thitheershanthi samsara sindhum, Shive thavakeenaa susambhava neyam.

I offer prayers to please Thee.

When it is afflicting me, what will I do? Unauthorised Copying, Distribution and Publication bhujanga stotram in these Online Books without the prior written permission of the Sgotram or Translators are prohibited.

Quickly destroy my mental worries as they interfere with my devotion towards Thee! Krupalo hare bhujanga stotram in hetho, Jagannadha narayananda Vishno, Namasthubhym ithyalapantham mudha maam, Kuru sripathe thwad padambhoja bhaktham.

When he meditated upon Sri Subramanya, he became aware of a self luminous light shining in his heart and words came out his mouth in extempore in bhujanga metre. Swabhaktheshu sandarithakaramevam, Sada bhvayan sannirudhendriyaswa, Durapam naro yathi samsara param, Parasmai thamobhyopi thasmai namasthe.

Let bhujanga stotram in limbs, thoughts and actions be devoted to Skanda! Let us be protected by her who is one with Lord Shankara, Who sits on the stage of very great joycarried by, Lord Brahma and five other great protectors, And who is armed with bow, arrow, rope and goad, And who is bhujanga stotram in great goddess Tripura.


Subrahmanya Bhujanga Stotram

Samarabhya moolam gatho brahma chakram, Bhavaddivya chakreswari dhama bhaja, Maha sidhi sangatha kalp dhrumaabhaan, Avapyaambha nadhanupasthe cha yogi. My mind is getting attached to her who is on the bhujanga stotram in side of the Lord, In the golden throne which is in the gem studded island, Which is in the arena made out of various gems, Which is in bhujanga stotram in middle of a forest of well grown Kadamba trees, Situated in the sea of nectar which is full of divine joy.

And how are you keeping quite without bothering yourself, When the people of this world drown in the poisonous sea of bad desires. Ithi prema bharena kinchith mayoktham, Na budhyaiva thtwam madheeyam thwadheeyam, Vinodhaya balasyamourkhyam hi matha, Thadethathprala sthuthim may Grahana. Sareerethi kashte ripou puthra varge, Sada bheethi moole kalathre dhane vaa, Na kaschid wirajyathya ho devi chithram, Kadham thwath kadaksham vinaa Thathwa bodha.

He is known as Ganesha and He is endowed with boundless glory. This bhujanga stotram in is a dedication of Love for Lord Murugan.

Devi Bhujanga Stotram –

I bow bhujanga stotram in Thee again and again! I meditate on her who wears the crescent on her head, Who wears the garland of stars over her chest, Who holds the tasty sugarcane bow in her hands, Whose arrows of bhujanga stotram in are surrounded by bees, Who is the only aim of the love of Lord ShivaAnd who has eyes rotating due to her exuberance 21,Sareshvebva bhujanga stotram in dhaushveva jihwa, Japa patle lochane they swaroope Thwgesh bhava chandra gande sravo may, Gune they mano vruthir amba thwayee staath.

He who meditates on you as wearing greatly lusterous garland, Wearing very clkean clothsholding in her hand boks, Rosary and shines like billions of autumn moons, Would become a greatly learned man by grace of Saraswathi.

O Lord Guha one who resides in the cave of the heart! Manisyutha thadanga sonaasya bhimbhaam, Harith patta vasthram thwgullasi bhoosham, Hrudhaa bhavayam sthaptha hema prabhaam thwaam, Sriyo nasayathyamba chanjalya bhavam.

Thou art the Lord of Devas and son of the Lord of the universe! Playfully you divide the single divine entity, In to two aspects named bhujanga stotram in the soul and the god, And ascribe the concept of living to the God, And later you make the soul as, Either the soul or the God.

O Embodiment of bliss, reveal Thyself! I sing about the summary of the VedasBhujanga stotram in is capable of creating the entire universe, Whose voice is sweeter than parrots, Who wears necklaces over her breast, Who is bhujanga stotram in filled ocean of mercy, Who helps one to cross the sea of domestic life, Who is farfar away from all great sins, And who is the sweet heart of Lord Shiva.

Vishnu Bhujanga Stotram

These are the subsidiary Gods of the Goddess. Mukhe mandahasam, nakhe chandrabhasam, Kare charu chakram, suresadhi vandhyam, BHujange sayanam, bhaje Padmanabham, Harenanya daivam na manye na manye. As soon as it was completed, The servants of Lord Shiva bhujanga stotram in to take Shankara’s mother to heaven.

Though He is bhujanga stotram in, He is honoured even by his five-faced father Shiva sadyojaatam, vaamadevam, aghoram, tatpurusham and iishaanam. And always be absorbed in Thy thoughts!

Devi Bhujanga Stotram

Mother my nose should be with your flower arrows, My toungue should be with your sugar cane bow, My two eyes should be in your form which is bhujanga stotram in red hibiscus, My skin should be in kn pure camphor, My ears should bhujanga stotram in engaged in hearing about you.

Thou art the Father of the Universe. Lord appear before me It is said that Lord appeared before Acharya when he sung this stotra!

Always let my body be a servant to the Lord!