BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Sanstha. Vachanamrut · Swamini Vato · Aksharbrahman Gunatitanand Swami – Part 1 · Aksharbrahman Gunatitanand Swami. The Vachanamrut can be read in Gujarati, English or transliteration. BAPS Nirnay is a Hindu calendar app that combines the Hindu lunar calendar’s festivals. Vachanamrut The Holy Scripture of the Swaminarayan Sampraday. A historical collection of spiritual discourses delivered by Lord Swaminarayan in the.

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ભગવાન સ્વામિનારાયણનાં વચનામૃત

The Vachanamrut can be baps vachanamrut english in Gujarati, English or transliteration. On the other hand, he who introspects while contemplating upon the glory of God, sees englixh own Self as extremely pure and baps vachanamrut english.

New Features Information on: Ability to delete note, tag, bookmark directly from list Your browser does not support objects. Ability to navigate to next and previous Vachanamruts using navigation buttons at the bottom Inspiring prasangs, relating to the Vachanamruts, as mentioned by the Gunatit Guruparampara and other santo-bhakto.

The Mandir Word Search app is an interactive and entertaining game that will stimulate the minds of children and adults alike, fostering concentration and precision, expanding vocabulary, enhancing spelling skills and increasing knowledge of satsang topics. Other features include search, notes, reading plans, summaries and self-test vchanamrut to help users obtain an in-depth study of the Baps vachanamrut english.

Online Vachanamrut ભગવાન સ્વામિનારાયણનાં વચનામૃત

Short introductions to the scriptures and places are also provided. Javascript is not required to view this site. Using the baps vachanamrut english technology, this application gives users a convenient medium for reading and studying the Vachanamrut. I ask all of you a question.

Adjust screen brightness from within the app October 18, New feature: Popular devices and browsers include: And therefore, he is the most ignorant of the dnglish, the most senseless of the senseless, the most foolish of all baps vachanamrut english, and the vilest of the vile. Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta with Audio.

Javascript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. Apr 20, Version 3.

Family Sharing With Family Baps vachanamrut english set up, baps vachanamrut english to six family members can use this app. At that time, while Lord Swaminarayan was having a scripture read, paramhansas and devotees from places far and wide, were seated before Him. Daily darshan and spiritual reading is an integral part of our spiritual life.

Therefore, he is the most ignorant of the ignorant. Stability and performance improvements Discourses relating to sadhana spiritual endeavours ebglish been explained with supportive material from Purushottam Bolya Prite, Swami ni Vato, and the teachings of the Gunatit Guruparampara.

We now use directly embedded Sanskrit fonts so font scaling works correctly even for Sanskrit verses. Baps vachanamrut english will be able to see them in a future update. Then Lord Swaminarayan said, “Please listen. You will be able to go back to previous Vachanamruts and next Vachanamrut. Navigating Vachanamruts using your browser’s Back and Forward button is now much easier. And those who have attained salvation in the past, those who shall attain salvation in the future and those who are striving for salvation vschanamrut, baps vachanamrut english all of them this talk is their Lifeline!

Support for Gujarati mode everywhere including chapter titles, notes, tags 8. You can bookmark a page by clicking on the book icon with a baps vachanamrut english. You can tag a paragraph within a chapter and get a list of sortable tags later engliah.

Now, you can read the English and Gujarati side-by-side by paragraphs so baps vachanamrut english will be easier to compare the text. Sorting and viewing of notes, tags, bookmarks by date, chapters, alphabetical Bug fixes for Sanskrit fonts not appearing in certain places. Some concepts are difficult to comprehend and may cause confusion.

It has also been enabled on the mobile version of the site also. Inspired by Brahmswarup Pramukh Swami Maharaj and Pragat Brahmswarup Mahant Swami Maharaj, a team of scholarly sadhus and dedicated youths baps vachanamrut english strived to help make the Vachanamrut easier and more practical. Bug fixes for certain Vachanamruts not appearing.

Choose or switch between different formats using the format icons.

‎Vachanamrut Study App on the App Store

A string of yellow flowers adorned His pagh, a garland of yellow flowers adorned His neck, and nosegays of white baps vachanamrut english yellow flowers adorned His ears. It is a catechism, filled with infallible logic, startling metaphors and analogies, and divine revelations that provide philosophical and practical answers to the mysteries and questions of life: Every discourse is preceded by the exact description of place, time and atmosphere.

Existing iOS Vachanamrut Study App version 2 users will not see their old notes when they update the baps vachanamrut english, these notes are still safe as long as they do not uninstall the app. And when has he tried to see his own Jivatman and failed? Site also contains several appendices, including the glossary, Hindu Time Scale, collection of shloks in the Vachanamrut, and Statistics.